Earn money with SnapBack

We give Cashback by you submitting your Purchase Receipt to either our Android/iOs SnapBack app


All in 3 Easy Steps

Get back % of your Purchase Expenses.


Sign in to Our Apps

Donwnload our SnapBack app in Playstore/Appstore and Sign in using your Facebook/Twitter account.

SnapBack - Earn back your Shopping Money

Snap your Purchase Receipt

Soon you make a Purchase of your Items in any store, Open our SnapBack app and capture your receipt and send!

SnapBack - Earn back your Shopping Money

Money in your Account

Our review team will pass though your Receipt and once it is valid, Percent of your Total price shown on your receipt is credited to your account and you will receive notification instantly. You can withdraw once you have > $10

SnapBack - Earn back your Shopping Money

Share and earn even more!!

Share your Invite Code to your Friends to join SnapBack and once they join SnapBack with your Invite Code, you and your friend will be credited $3, the more friends are joining.. the more cash you get for free!

SnapBack - Earn back your Shopping Money

Frequently Asked

Want to know common questions and their answers to make you easily use SnapBack?, well, here they are!

1. How can i register to SnapBack?

You can easily Register to SnapBack by only login using your Facebook/Twitter Account. Soon you successfully register, you will get your own invite code so you can share to your Friends via Whatsapp, Facebook etc and any of your Friend joining SnapBack with your Invite Code, will get $3 and you will also get $3.

2. What kind of receipts to send?

We prefer receipts that are given instantly from store you made your purchase. Whenever you make a purchase and given receipt, open SnapBack app and submit your receipt while you are still at the Store

3. What is the minimum withdraw amount?

You can withdraw as soon you have $10 and above, you will need to fill in your Bank Account details in our SnapBack profile page so we can deposit directly to your Bank Account.

4. How many days can i wait before i get my CashBack?

We process and make deposits from 24th to 28th each month, so make sure your withdraw request is done before 24th.


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SnapBack - Earn back your Shopping Money

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